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Are you planning to come to Chiang Khong or are you already here? Then this is a great source for you for getting information about what to do here and how to organize it.

Are you on the way to Laos? Then have a look here: Transport. Are you looking for a place to sleep? Than check the accommodations. Or do you stay here for a few days and want to check some restaurants or do some sightseeing?


Chiang Khong at the Banks of the Mekong

Plenty of silverhair grass grows around Chiang Khong in winter time.

Although there are no big tourist attractions here it's worth to spend a few days here. This is a real northern Thai place to get insights of Thai life and culture. The surroundings are great country side and look kind of a garden eden. They change remarkably through the seasons. Since the climate is here partially influenced by northern winds coming from China or the Himalaya over the mountains, it's getting sometimes a bit chilly here in December/January. Nevertheless it's still a subtropical climate, different from the tropical south of Thailand. Many animal species are living here, and many plants grow around. Imagine, the Mekong catchment area provides the second richest biodiversity on earth, right after the Amazonas River in south America.

Sights and Activities

Exploring Chiang Khong by your own is great. It's actually first choice to walk around and have a sense for the small things and events you see. Apart from the mainroad one can experience the atmosphere of a rural community with traditional wooden houses and nice little gardens around. The most attractive walk is definitely along the river bank of the Mekong.

Second choice can be to drive around the little town to explore the surroundings - either by an own vehicle or on public transport.

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Here you find an overview of all kinds of transport by busses, songtaews and boats to and from Chiang Khong to surrounding places as well as to Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Notice that the busses from Huayxai in Laos have their own schedule. From there are busses going along the main road to Boten / China, Luang Namta, Oudomxai, Luang Prabang.

Transport in details and time tables


Looking for a place to sleep? There is a big choice for every budged.

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Thai cuisine is rich. And you find here smaller and bigger restaurants at every street corner. Have a look for recommended restaurants of all kind from the bottom to the most exclusive places in Chiang Khong. Most of these places are also good for having a drink in the evening.

Places to eat and drink...


For your orientation in Chiang Khong use Google maps on our website.

Other Commodities

Do you need anything from the pharmacy, or are you looking for something more particular than usually, like a barber or somebody who sews your clothes? Here we provide a choice of commodities of different kinds.

More practical hints


Also in small and remote places happen interesting things. If something remarkable happens, you will find it here.

For more general information about Southeast Asia, look here: Asienreisender


Nightlife in Chiang Khong

Despite to what some guides write there is some nightlife in Chiang Khong. Have a look for "The Hub", a combination of a pub and a museum. Along the mainroad are some bars and some guesthouses with restaurants. At the upper part of the mainroad are the "Beam" and the "999 Bar", that's bar's where young Westerners go.


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