Places to sleep and to stay

Here you find a choice of recommendable accommodation in Chiang Khong, ranging between budget and luxurious.

Accommodation in Chiang Khong

Baan Rimtaling

Baan Rimtaling is really among first choice for travellers. It's clean, quiet, cozy and save, situated right at the river banks of the Mekong with a great view over the river to Laos. Ms. Maleewan, the owner, speaks fluently English and can provide you with reliable information.

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Baan Pak Pon

Baan Pakpon Guesthouse in Chiang Khong is the perfect place to stay in clean, spacious rooms, almost all of them with a beautiful view over the Mekong river to the Laotion side.

Teak Garden and Riverside Hotel

These are the both top-range accommodations in Chiang Khong. Situated at the river bank many of their rooms offer a view over the river. Prices are around 1,000 Baht per night. Accessable from the main road as from the river promenade.

Palace Garden Hotel

This is another hotel, but cheaper than Teak Garden and Riverside. It offers spacious rooms for around 500 Baht, but it's not at the river side. It's situated near the parallel road to the main road. It's a chinese hotel and barely English is spoken.


Sunrise over the Mekong. Nicest are of course the rooms with a view over the Mekong River.


Susie's Homestay, still in walking distance from the bus station. 50 Baht per night. Call 080-4932695

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