Baan Rimtaling - The Rooms

Single and double rooms, bungalows and small four-bed-dormitories are for rent. All rooms and bungalows have hot shower and free wifi.

Room rates from 100 Baht - 450 Baht per night.

More rooms are available in a separate house on Soi 19 about 30 meters from the guest house. (Groups tend to like the separate house.)

Baan Rimtaling

The Place

Baan Rimtaling is clearly among first choice for travellers. It's clean, quiet, cozy and save, situated right at the river banks of the Mekong with a great view over the river to Laos. Ms. Maleewan, the owner, speaks fluently English and can provide you with reliable information. That's really very seldom to find here. The place combines a nice, beautiful Thai-style country atmosphere with the facilities a Western traveller needs and appreciates.


Baan Rimtaling offers free transport to the border crossing each morning. Free internet as wifi is available in all the rooms. There is a large and cozy common area - TV, DVD player, computer (free for guests).

Current Laos travel information is posted near the front desk. Assistance with boat and bus ticketing in Laos. Reliable information is given here.

Several open areas and a garden for relaxing, or gathering with friends. And, a splendid view of the Mekong River.

You can even swim or do fishing in the Mekong River at the guesthouses garden.

How the Guesthouse was build

Old teak was used for most of the guesthouse' construction, cut and hewn by hand. The axe marks are clearly visible on the flooring and beams. And, antique wooden shutters and carvings were used. In the months before the construction, several old Thai homes were found and acquired. With the help of local Hmong hill tribe workers, these old houses were carefully taken down and all the wood was piled up on the guesthouse property. The elder monk at the temple suggested a lucky day to start the construction. A pole was put in the ground on that day. And, after a traditional waiting period, construction was started by three old carpenters. Who argued daily as to the best ways to build the guesthouse. You can judge for yourself how well they did.

And, what does the guesthouse name means? Well, "Baan" in Thai means "home". And, "Rimtaling" means "by the water". A simple name, ... like the simple quiet life here.


The Restaurant

The restaurant offers Thai food (curries) and Western food (hamburgers, pasta).

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