The Menu

Do you know "khao man ghai"? It's a certain kind of rice, prepared with oil, chicken on top and coming together with a delicious clear soup. Khao Man Ghai is just one dish out of a choice of different local dishes they serve here. Of course you get also the 'classic', noodle soup with chicken, pork, beef (mostly waterbuffalo) or vegetarian. To every dish belongs a mug of drinking water.

On the tables are always plates with salat leaves, fresh mint and sprouts. Serve yourselve.

The Fresh Market Restaurant

Good Food for a small Price

Enjoy the market place in the background when having breakfast or lunch here. That's a place, where mostly local people go when they are shopping at the market. Around there are many stalls with exotic fruits and vegetables, and people from the mountains dressed in colourful clothes.

It's also interesting to have a look at the fish stalls in the background. Here one can see a variety of different Mekong fish, some of them quite big.

The Fresh Market Restaurant in Chiang Khong. Although it looks a bit messy around, the food is good and hygienic.

Open every day

The Fresh Market Restaurant consists actually of two restaurants, looking like one, because they share the same place. It's run by three Thai Ladies, who get help from two local girls. They are open every day from the early morning until four to five pm.

Chicken Noodlesoup

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