The Hub

The Pub

Searching for nightlife in Chiang Khong, the first choice might be Alan Bate's "The Hub", which is a unique combination of a pub and a bicycle museum. "The Hub" is a meeting point for travellers from many countries, including local Thai People and a handful of Westerners who stay for long in Chiang Khong. It's a great place to relax and to talk, and at late hours sometimes funny things are going on.

After "The Hub" wasn't frequently open for a longer time, it's open now every day (and night), or at least most of the time.

Alan Bate is a professional cyclist who circumnavigated the world on his bicycle a few years ago.

The Museum

If you fancy feel free to have a look around in the place for all the bikes (some of them are quite old) and all the other things related to bikes.

Rent a Bicycle

You can also rent bicycles here. Ask Allen or the baarkeeper. It's even possible to buy bikes of good quality from Allen.


When heading on the mainroad to the north in one of the sideroads left. If you see the sign below, you are right.

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